Kitayama sugi polished log / Color mirror GRY t=5
北山杉 磨き丸太 / グレーミラー
H410 / W110 / D95

We superimpose ourselves on the wood, just as the surface of the wood is called the skin.The smooth skin of the polished logs makes you imagine the course.Polished logs are very elegant due to the shape born from the inevitability of the life of wood and the texture of careful care and finishing.

The floor pillars, which are the main use of polished logs, separate the alcove from the Shoin and support the structure.In the mirror, the scenery in the distance and your face, which you can’t see directly, move as if they were there.Both of them connect here and there.Logs that cannot be used as floor pillars can support mirrors, move something, and connect many things by themselves.

Floor pillars are used in Sukiya-zukuri style.Okakura Tenshin thought “Sukiya” had two meanings.One is a “vacant house” and the other is a “favorite house”.Being empty, there is room for everything, and you can use it as you like.Mirrors are similarly empty, leaving room for many changes.Sukiya-zukuri is an asymmetrical building.Its characteristics bring back the movement of the mind.I modeled this mirror as well.